Committed to a passionate belief and strive for unparalleled food quality and perfection, the new restaurant integrates traditional Japanese furnishing in a luxurious environment evoking sophistication and superiority. In coherence to sen-ryo’s signature design elements, the décor and interior are meticulously selected to create style, warmth and space. The restaurant concept is developed by renowned Food and Beverage Design Consultancy, MYU Planning & Operations Inc. (their portfolio includes the Roppongi Suntory Museum in Midtown), with well-known interior designer, Mr. Nakamura Nobuhiro, Chief of the design process. The sen-ryo restaurant merges modern aspects for a refined, contemporary touch while keeping to the authentic Japanese aesthetics. Lighting in the restaurant is warm and harmonious, accentuating the rich textures of solid wood, stone, steel and Japanese paper finishes of the interior. In particular, the interior plays with mesh detailing to embody the energy and essences of deep sea fishing, fully reflecting sen-ryo’s devotion for fresh sea produce. Inside the VIP room, a divine and atmospheric space awaits where hosts can indulge their guests in an exclusive private function of impeccable class.
Originated from Tochigi in Kanto, Japan, sen-ryo is the premium sushi brand under Genki Sushi Co Ltd. (元気寿司株式会社). It became one of the most popular restaurants in town since its launch at Hong Kong ifc mall in 2005. sen-ryo opened its 1st restaurant in Shanghai iapm mall on Huaihai Road on August 2013, providing a new venue for local food connoisseurs to indulge in its exquisite variety of Japanese menu. Famous for its high quality seafood, sen-ryo preserves traditional outstanding handmade sushi techniques to serve its guests using the finest and freshest traditional sushi. The sake bar found at sen-ryo iamp store offers a wide range of Japanese sake & beer, where guests can to enjoy the sen-ryo fine dining experience in a sophisticated environment.
As the elite in traditional conveyor belt sushi bar and fine dining, sen-ryo remains dedicated to the authentic techniques of exquisite handmade sushi. The menu at sen-ryo includes a wide range of sushi, rolls, sashimi, seared, fried & grilled snacks and many more. Created to trigger your palate, the spread of high quality Japanese cuisine at sen-ryo will leave you with a memorable dining experience.
Besides ingredients selection and delivery process, cutting techniques are very important to maintain the freshness of sashimi. Different ingredients bears different thickness and texture, some with bone, some without, some waste easily and some are slippery. sen-ryp Sushi chefs must be equipped with professional cutting techniques to handle different ingredients. The key to unlocking the freshness of the catch in in the excellent cutting technique.
In ancient China, there was a chef who could dismember cattle. He does this by making his knife wander freely between the flesh and the bone of the cattle without it knowing. In the same way, chefs of sen-ryo are required to go through a rigorous training regime and be skillful in using various types of houchou (Knife in Japanese language). We invite you to come to our restaurants to witness ours chef’s unique cutting skills.
Every day, sen-ryo connoisseurs goes to the seafood markets to choose the catch of the day, so that you can enjoy fresh fish at the restaurant. Our kitchen is monitored frequently to ensure freshness in our ingredients. All new sushi chefs must go through rigorous training, conscientiously handling each dish with care, to deliver sen-ryo’s mark of quality in every dish.
Chefs of sen-ryo are not just sushi makers but also master performers of the culinary arts. Sushi chefs can communicate with guest intimately, with the kitchen as their stage. Guests can watch the entire preparation process and feel the passion of our chefs, who prepares the dishes from their heart. While preparing the delicacies, the chef would be observing the reactions of their guests. The expression of a satisfied guests is the best applause for our chefs.
In 1968, a 24 year-old Mr. Fumio Saito created a new era of sushi, kaiten sushi. Mr. Saito brought in elements of modern technology to complement the nobility of traditional sushi, and popularized the entire culture of this Japanese delicacy. In 1990, kaiten sushi took one step further and extended its reach to the rest of the world. sen-ryo, following in the footsteps of its predecessors, has taken kaiten sushi from a traditional culture to a modern art form. sen-ryo’s simplicity and authenticity overflowed from the décor of its shops, the warmth of its service, the craft of its chefs, and to the smiles of satisfied appetites.
sen-ryo is from Japan’s Tochigi prefecture and is renowned for its distinctly refined brand of kaiten sushi. The Japanese concept of kaiten means flowing back and forth. sen-ryo’s fresh flow of kaiten sushi are hand-made to deliver the freshness and artfulness that kaiten sushi represents.
There are no compromises in quality and freshness of ingredients selected by the fish and seafood connoisseurs at sen-ryo. Ingredients are meticulously selected to ensure the strictest quality standards are adhered, so that customers can enjoy the total experience of authentic sushi dining.